The Hardwood Flooring Advantage

Hardwood is the flooring material that can show the longest tradition throughout the world. Being used for centuries, it has been the primary choice for all sorts of cultures and civilizations due to the permancence, class, structural strength and naturalness it provides to the interior of a home.

However, the advantage of using hardwood flooring for your home or office extends beyond the tradition attached to it: Hardwood can be a very practical choice and play an important role for the interior decoration due to the amount of different wood species, finishes, surfaces and stains available.

When you go out to purchase hardwood flooring, you’ll be faced with 2 options: pre-finished and unfinished hardwood flooring. Usually, most homeowners will opt for the pre-finished type due to the amount of time, hassle and “mess” saved. It’s convenient NOT having to manually sand your hardwood floor, then having to clean everything and last but not least, having to wait half a day for your finish to dry.

On the other hand, if you do intend to spend the time and energy to do the finish and sanding yourself, it will be very beneficial for your hardwood floor in terms of durability: While the finish on a pre-finished floor is done on a board-by-board basis, the disadvantage comes in the form of potentially existing gaps between the boards.

Hardwood Stairs  

Hardwood Stairs 1

With the unfinished type you can actually make sure that all gaps between the flooring boards are properly sealed before the finish is applied. This will make sure that there are less points of entry for moisture and wetness, effectively extending the life of your hardwood flooring.

Once you’ve decided on which option mentioned above to go for, you’ll now have to consider the different types of surfaces and stains available. For a long time, evenly planned hardwood from sawmills has been very popular, providing a polished, smooth and refined wooden surface which many customers have come to admire.

Lately, however, handscraped hardwood flooring is starting to increase in popularity as well. These boards are actually worked by hand and provide a contoured, seasoned surface that offers a rustic and lived-in feeling to every home. Comfortable for some, impractical for others, the choice is obviously up to your preference. There are no advantages or disadvantages to either.

Another characteristic that made hardwood flooring popular (and still does!) is the vast amount of different stains available. Like with different types of natural stone, each wood species has their own inherent characteristics, not only in color and feeling of surface but also in terms of patterns as well as changing of color that comes with continued aging of the species. Even with the same type of species used in a hardwood floor, depending on the finish and staining the outcome, look and feel of appearance can be very different to each other, which is the reason that makes hardwood flooring a very diverse choice offering room for all sorts of different personal tastes.

I hope this article provided you some valuable insight on the advantages of hardwood flooring. In the next article, I’ll look further into the different species available, the differences between them and what you should look out for. Please leave any comments or thoughts below!

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2 Responses to “The Hardwood Flooring Advantage”

  1. David says:

    I’m looking for 130sqft of ¾ x 2-1/4” white oak flooring, prefinished.
    Do you have this in stock? If so, could you please give a price.



  2. winnwoodflooring says:

    It’s really amazing how many stains are available now! And some of the laminates that are out are really starting to look a lot more like real wood. I wonder what we’ll have on the market in 10 years.

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