Laminate Flooring – A Viable Hardwood Alternative

What is a cheap, easy to install, similar looking and easy to repair substitute for hardwood? The correct answer is: laminate. Quickly having become one of the most popular flooring type, it can be a great alternative to hardwood in many ways and has a lot of advantages.

The installation is easier and so is the repair. In comparison to hardwood which should be kept as far away from moisture and humidity as possible, laminate actually doesn’t have a problem and can even be installed “below grade”, making it a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoors (parking lots, garage area).

Generally, of course, you should try to keep the area where the laminate floor is going to be installed as dry as possible, too but still it isn’t as prone to damage and fungi growth when compared with hardwood. Should you use your laminate in an area with high moisture, make sure your laminate uses joints impregnated with paraffin wax – this will repell water very well.

While finishing a hardwood floor can take several hours or even days, depending on the size of the area it’s being installed in, finishing a laminate floor can be done within a few hours.

Laminate Flooring

Versatile Laminate Flooring  1

Compared to other flooring materials, you don’t have to be an expert or informed yourself religiously about how to install it without making lots of mistakes.during installation.

When purchasing laminate, make sure to opt for a high-quality brand that comes with lifetime warranty – this is going to cost you more but in comparison to other materials, as noted already, it’s still cheaper. This is definitely recommended for high traffic areas but not necessarily needed in low traffic areas or if you don’t intend to live at your place for at least several years. In such a case, a cheaper laminate version with a warranty of 5, 10 or 15 years will do the job, too.

Laminate Floor Pattern

Doesn’t this look like hardwood? Honestly, it’s laminate!  2

Another benefit of laminate flooring is the look of it – some of the designs border common and popular hardwoods like brazilian cherry or other exotic imports, or traditional species like white/red oak, even imitating the patterns and changes of color. Of course, when giving it a closer look or touch the truth will become obvious, nevertheless it can go a long way of looking like luxurious hardwood yet coming with the benefits of laminate mentioned previously.

Similar to prefinished hardwood planks, laminate is often installed like a floating floor with the “lock & fold” method, where a tongue interlocks in the groove of another plank. However, laminate can also come in different sizes of squares, not only planks.

Traditionally, laminate flooring consists of 6 layers but I’ll just cover the most important ones: the surface layer is made of melamine, an extremely tough, durable and hard material able to resist stains, burns and scratches.

The next one is the print layer that pretty much gives the great look of colors and patterns to a laminate floor. Last but certainly not the least is the core layer which is made of a high densitiy fiber board, giving your floor the required thickness, stability and structure and resins of melamine, another level of protection against moisture.

I hope I was able to give you a birds eye view of laminate, it’s advantages and how it compares to hardwood. If you could choose, would you rather go for hardwood or laminate – and why? I’d appreciate your comments!

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23 Responses to “Laminate Flooring – A Viable Hardwood Alternative”

  1. Steve says:

    I’m looking for a walnut laminate floor or something similar . Can you give me a square meter price please

  2. Sedella Bogdanowicz says:

    do you have2740hs mountain oak laminate

  3. trying to find this laminated flooring need three packs to finish a job hopefully your the answer to my preys, thank you for reading my message.

    yours faithfully,


  4. C says:

    Cheap laminate is junk, UNLESS you buck up for the good stuff so much to pick from, now LVP, or LVT is here. LVT is pretty decent. LVP is pretty decent as well, but the sun will cook the adhesives, as will hot, LVP is really only rated for 60-85, all this stuff is throw away. My closets I did with Shaw, which I liked, got a whole bunch of it used for $100. My upstairs (loft), I did myself, Pergo, also a pretty decent product .. after a flooring place took 4 months to get the downstairs job done right, and it’s not done, they said two days, turned into maybe 5, now doubtfully done by the weekend. Well, when they send an employee who took two days to make his first cut, plays his headphones, and makes the cuts in my living room without both eye or lung protection, you know your dealing with a serious lack of professionalism and stupidity. If I would have known .. I would have done it myself, which I figured out right away anyways, thinking yeah I can just give these guys $3000 and this will be done quick, and I can move in, uhhh .. no, they’ll sell you the cheapest crap, cut every corner, sub out the labor, and you’ll end up just re-doing it yourself later anyways. My guess is by summer I’ll be tearing out everything they did and redoing it myself, don’t even want this company to set foot inside my living space again, when they leave it’s a mess, dust covers everything, yesterday I came home and the door was unlocked, and the guy has the nerve to say I locked it and checked it, and that was the foreman.

  5. Albert Palmer Short says:

    Is his laminate made in China? If not where is it made?

  6. Glenda says:

    Looking for Kronospan 0709 RF Legacy Oak flooring.

  7. Grant butler says:

    Hi would you be able to help me do you sell this type of flooring f/m tile loc silver blue slate effect if so can you let me no please

  8. Riv says:

    I’m looking for the ikea tundra floors 201.370.78 @ least two boxes

  9. Bert Sison says:

    Looking for 4 boxes of Dupont Real Touch Elite laminate flooring, Ivory Porcelain

  10. Michael says:

    looking for 4 boxes of HFC Horizon laminated flooring. Golden Oak, 47.7″(L)x7.6″(W)x8.2mm(T)

  11. Erin says:

    I am looking for 2 boxes of WilsonArt W3000110 laminate in the MESQUITE color…..Please respond if anyone can help me! Thank you very much for your time and attention.

  12. ron says:

    Looking for 4 cartons of Armstrong Pacific Heights Canyon Oak (L6056-081) laminate. I realize it’s been discontinued for a while, but I have 3 rooms with it and would like to do my hallway.

  13. Robert says:

    I need two boxes of oak honey laminate flooring, lowes #257865.
    Please help. Thank you.

  14. Vickie says:

    I am in search of the Titan Grand Plank Long Length Laminate flooring. we purchased this in mid 2010 and did most of our house in this. we had an extra box in the attic and when we rented it out the tenants got to it and used on something random. well now we are doing a kitchen remodel and need to match it to the rest of the floor and really need less than a box to finish. I have a plan B however it would be a miracle to find this product again.

  15. Pramod says:

    I am looking for 3.6″ wide Pergo KOA PTW6012. Do you carry this?



  16. Jeffrey Bender says:

    I need a few hundred square feet of Weathered Oak laminate flooring by Timber Impressions. The SKU number is S44101220 and the UPC code is 5 420053 122606. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give in finding a supply. The shipping location is Plantation FL 33322. THANKS!

  17. Colin says:

    I need 10-15 boxes of Wilsonart Coach House Oak.

  18. Debbie Robinson says:

    I am searching for any amount of Wilsonart Laminate
    Verde Fossil. Can anyone assist?

  19. Carmen says:

    Can you please tell me if you carry the Hampton wild cherry laminate flooring please?

  20. Faye kenner says:

    Looking for the color distressed oak laminate flooring size 1215x197x8.3mm+2mm

  21. Km says:

    Looking for klikka contract grande beech v groove 1845 X 188. 12mm

  22. Char wolf says:

    Hi I am looking for 2 to 3 boxes of harmonics skyline maple flooring that used to be sold at Costco it has since been discontinued. Thanks

  23. Nicholas says:

    I have Evoke Laminate, the “Wendell” color/pattern, installed on my entire first floor, covering the living room, hallway, and dining room. It was installed nearly 3 years ago. I have three male roommates and 2 active dogs living in my home. My roommates are local kayak guides and often come home with sand covered shoes and gear, which occasionally gets trekked inside. I also have a gravel walk to my front door, so sometimes those rocks get stuck in shoes and also make it inside.

    I have not had a single problem with the Evoke laminate flooring! In fact, I’ve been so pleased with it I’m thinking of tearing out my upstairs carpet and installing Evoke in the rest of the house.

    It’s handled everything extremely well. It’s easy to sweep, vacuum, and yes, even steam mop. I don’t use any rugs on them, but it has held up very well to all the foot traffic and furniture movement. The dining room chairs and counter stools get slid back and forth on the flooring all the time as they’re used, but they haven’t damaged the floor either. I have not found even one chip. Our dogs drip water or drool on it after they get a drink and it hasn’t damaged anything either.

    I don’t use any special cleaning stuff either. I sweep/vacuum up clumps of dog hair as they appear, and if I notice a spot of food or something on it, I’ll hit with a spritz of Mr. Clean and a rag. I steam mop the whole floor about once a month with my Shark steam mop. Works great! Simple and fast.

    My next door neighbors, who’ve come over when we socialize now and then, liked it so much, they installed the Evoke Laminate “Ruth” color/pattern in their own home two years ago! And they say they love it. And they have two young, active children and a large puppy. So, suffice to say, this flooring can definitely hold up to regular wear and tear activities. I could see being worried if, say, someone clomped across it in bike cleats or soccer cleats. But normal walking around? No sweat. I’d DEFINITELY recommend Evoke Laminate flooring.

    I didn’t have a photo of my floor when I wrote this, but I’d be happy to take some if anyone is interested.

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